Monday, January 17, 2005

taking advantage of the acad oval

Just going to log my recent jogs...
last week Monday 14:28.88, 14:34.50; 28:59.38 total
last week Thursday 14:47.74, 14:19.08; 29:06.57
tonight 14:14.99, 13:42.54; 28:37.64

It's already 9:30 and after attempting, since going back from jogging around 2 hours ago, to write something of substance to the document that I'm supposed to be rushing because it's very very important and the boss needs it ASAP, I barely managed one sparsely populated table. So now I'm getting outta here because my mind's not functioning anymore. Well, software-wise, at least. Because I'm pretty sure when I get home, it'll be ready to take in all the Japanese-talk of Naruto. Hehe!

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