Thursday, December 09, 2004

Sunset on the Trail

sunset on the trail
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Took this shot last month, when I climbed Mt. Talamitam. The trek started late, hence the view of the sunset not from the top but from somewhere a little higher than the bottom. Still, it was one lovely sunset.

Since the time I came down from that mountain, I've been wanting to share this climbing experience of mine. But then I got busy, and then forgot... Then yesterday I remembered. Unfortunately, yesterday's work was heavier than usual, plus I had to deal with problems relating to my current car accident. Anyway, I'm on my lunch break now, and I still have around 10 minutes before my free hour runs out.

So, the climb. Ahhh... that was one enjoyable trip. It was the most relaxing I've ever had. My buddies were tons of fun. The two kids who came with us, nephews of Chino, were a riot! The scenery was gorgeous and the mountain was very pretty. Tall grass covered it making the mountain look like it's being embraced with a carpet of soft feathers, all swaying with the cool fresh breeze of the countryside. Of course the view from the top was awesome. We just had to wait a few minutes till the cloud cover cleared out. And when it did, I could see the province of Batangas below, plus some parts of the sea to the west, and look in the eye the opposite mountain, Mt. Batulao. I was the queen of Batangas!

Since most of my previous climbs were "major" climbs, meaning I had bigger mountains, bigger views, but much more exhausting and strenuous experiences, I've totally forgotten how invigorating and fun minor climbs like this one could be. The climb didn't pose much of a challenge, but I didn't need one anyway.

I'm about to run out of time. So, I'm just gonna point you to a mini gallery with my best pictures of this trek. Hope you enjoy them!

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