Thursday, March 10, 2005

Evening jogging

Next time I jog, remind me to streeetch my legs real good before taking off because as recent experience will attest to, they will tend to complain real bad, especially when the plan is to push them to cover more than six and a half kilometers in personal record time.

It could have been that the pace was faster, or the weather hotter, but somehow my slight disregard this evening for stretching beforehand (I streched, but not enough) must have given a fair contribution to my legs aching halfway through the three-rounds-around-the-acad-oval run. Boy, they felt heavy and sluggish. Going into the last stretch, I even had to talk them, cheer and egg them on--all in my head, of course--into taking another step forward. Inside my body, a battle was ragin.

Thankfully, the mind won. Apparently, the mind thing worked, because I had my fastest three rounds tonight (with 43:56.27). Yahoo!

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