Saturday, June 17, 2006

mystery balls for dessert

I had these for dessert this evening. I bought them from the supermarket on my way home without knowing what they were. The glossy balls looked intruiging and I felt like going on a food adventure.

Now, I've eaten all of them already, but I still don't know what they are. I've tried translating the label but all I got was that they were some kind of pastry. And from the ingredients, they're made of flour. They're very good though--loved them! They turned out to be sticky flour balls covered with a really sweet paste. They're a bit too sweet so I scraped off some of the sticky covering. But how addicting these balls were! I ate them while watching magnificent Argentina demolish Serbia and Montenegro. The game's decided now and the balls are all gone.

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brymac said...

hmm. eating balls while watching a ball get tossed around. nice combi :D