Wednesday, September 06, 2006

shot the rapids

Day 2 in CDO (Saturday last week) was the highlight of my vacation--I went white water rafting! Rode a jeep from the heart of the city (where my family and I stayed), and around 30 minutes later, I was at Cagayan de Oro river. Soon after, everyone was putting on their life jackets, helmets, and storing precious stuff at water-proof bags. After a short orientation by one of the guides, we boarded our boats and glided to the river's center. Then not 200 meters from where the paddling started, was already the first of 14 major rapids that we were to encounter in our 3-hour trek down the wide river which divides the provinces of Misamis Oriental and Bukidnon. The trip wasn't straight paddling though. There were ample rest periods to enjoy the wonderful view provided by huge rock faces and lush greenery by the riverside, and very clear weather. And at the river's calmer portions, we got to swim in the cold but refreshing water. There was also a side trip to a cave, which we entered and exited by floating in our life jackets. But riding through the rapids was the most fun. While our two boat guides worked hard to steer our rubber raft of seven people, the rest of us five paddled with all our might to push the boat forward. Of course everyone gets wet in the process. But how great it felt to be carried over rushing water! Add to that avoiding islands of sharp rocks and steering clear of walls. What a rush! T'was an adventure I'd definitely love to do again. :)

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