Friday, August 26, 2005


This morning I had an upset stomach. A real one! Recently, faking one so I could skip work had *crossed my mind*. Well, what do you know.

But I really needed to skip work. You see, my driver's license is already two weeks past its expiration. And the penalty fee is not going to get any friendlier the more I put off renewing it. However, I was also wishing I could renew it without having to waste a vacation leave, which I'm saving for a real vacation.

Well, this morning I became sick for real. Fortunately, even though it seemed at first that I would be stuck at home, it was a good thing the upset stomach was still bearable enough to let me get out of the house and drive and have the renewal, the majority of which just consisted anyways of hours of sitting around waiting for my name to be called. It was still uncomfortable though - definitely too uncomfortable to have to be working with at the office.

So I called in sick (for half a day) and made good use of my time. :D

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